A couple of pigeons


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These two shots are of a couple of pigeons that I saw while taking other photos at the beginning of May.  The first one is a typical city pigeon, but caught in the sunlight it looked more colourful than usual.

The second photo is of a Wood Pigeon.  It was in the city centre too and seemed very used to people walking close by – normally in a wooded area they are much more shy birds, flying away just at the sound of people approaching.


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Spring flowers mix

These are the spring flowers that I found blooming on 2nd and 5th May.  This year the daffodils, tulips and many other flowers are blooming side by side when normally by early May the daffodils are gone before the tulips reach their prime.  To see them together with the cherry blossom, all so late as well, is rare.  Then today on the news I heard that in Shropshire, England, there had been substantial snowfall overnight.  (BBC News)  Snow in the middle of May – well it isn’t unheard of as it happened in 1955, 1968, some even fell in June in 1975!  But there is no snow in my photos, just the wonderful colours and lush greens of spring!







The next two were taken a few days ago on the 12th May – there are many more spring flowers that I would love to photograph, but with strong winds and heavy rain for the last few days I fear that they may be mostly gone this year and the summer flowers will soon appear.



Cathedral spire


This first picture was taken in Norwich on 2nd May, when the sun was shining and it felt that spring had finally arrived.  This shot is a slight crop of the original that was taken looking over a tall wall and spiked gate.  I liked the way the top of the tower and spire are framed by the green leaves on either side, nature surrounding the grand man-made structure.


These two shots were taken on 5th May, when there was a moderate layer of cloud for most of the afternoon.  The third photo seems to have a better light balance than the second, so I will continue to experiment with different metering settings until I am more used to the camera.  Again I like the way the trees contrast with the stone and brick buildings.


For those with an interest in the history of the cathedral – it was built during the 12th century, although the early spire was twice destroyed.  In 1362 the first spire was blown down and in 1463 the second spire was struck by lightning, causing a serious fire.  In 1480 a new spire was commissioned, built of brick and faced with stone – at 315 ft (96 metres) it is the second tallest spire in England (the tallest is Salisbury Cathedral).  It also features in a number of scenes in the recently released film Jack The Giant Slayer.  For more information see Wikipedia or the official website.

Cherry Blossom – 2


This second batch of photos were taken in Norwich on the 5th May,  around 5pm. There was a reasonably dense cloud cover, much more than three days earlier, so there was no evening sunlight to light up the blossom.  The cherry blossom variety appears to be Prunus Kanzan (as far as I know).




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